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Crown Tools incorporates cutting edge manufacturing and quality assurance practices that shape into premium quality products. When it's time redefine what real strength and toughness stands for, Crown Tools products show the way.

Crown Hand Tools

Crown Hand Tools is a United Kingdom based family owned company manufacturing premium quality traditional woodworking hand tools for last five decades. It delivers the finest handmade quality maintaining perfect balance of tradition and innovation. The company has kept the long tradition alive of bringing premium hands tools to professional craftsmen that define the equilibrium of form and function.

All tools are forged, tempered and masterfully crafted by finest experienced craftsmen using highest quality raw materials and modern manufacturing techniques such as powder metallurgy and cryogenics. This combination of traditional and modern manufacturing results in best quality hand tools money can buy.

Mission Statement:

"Crown Tools is committed to bring strong quality and performance packed products for American woodworkers who look for affordable solutions that don't cut any corners so they can push creative productivity to new levels."

About American General Tool Group

American General Tool Group (AGTG) distributes Crown Hand Tools products in United States and Canada. AGTG brings finest hand tools to amateur and professional craftsmen, handymen, do it yourselfers, contractors and woodworkers who don't want to compromise on quality.

American General Tool Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic, electrical, and woodworking aftermarket parts, accessories and tools. AGTG’s product portfolio is vast and diverse. With years of experience in the wholesale markets, AGTG has learned the unique situations that customers face on day-to-day basis and has devised ways to facilitate them accordingly.

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