American general tool group Brands

Manufacturer & distributor of pneumatic and power tools, woodworking machinery, aftermarket pneumatic and electrical spare parts and tool accessories for the construction and woodworking trades.

  • Air Locker

    Nailers/Staple Guns

    Air Locker® is a manufacturer of affordable fastening solutions that includes pneumatic nailers, staplers and related accessories. Air Locker has gained the reputation of bringing cost-effective professional grade staplers, nailers, fasteners, accessories and related specialty products to consumers. With the pace and advancement of the industry, Air Locker continues to lead the way with innovative solutions.

  • Big Horn Corporation

    Woodworking Tools & Accessories

    Big Horn® has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality woodworking tools and accessories for years. The brand was established with the mission of creating convenience for those who indulge in the craft of woodworking and Big Horn has been delivering on that promise for years in the form of exceptional quality products that provide value, durability and performance in a single package.

  • Crown Tools

    Finest Hand Made Tools

    Crown Hand Tools is a United Kingdom based family owned company manufacturing premium quality traditional woodworking hand tools for last five decades. It delivers the finest handmade quality maintaining perfect balance of tradition and innovation. The company has kept the long tradition alive of bringing premium hands tools to professional craftsmen that define the equilibrium of form and function.

  • Good Land Bee Supply

    Bee Keeping Industries

    Good Land Bee Supply is invested in supplying the best quality, service and support in the beekeeping industry. The business not only depends on apiary family of customers but their valuable feedback and constructive input. Generations of input in the field, experiences, and recommendations, have shaped product offerings and the products themselves. Being the manufacturer, Good Land Bee Supply has the ability to infuse customers' valuable input into the products that are made and sold.

  • Hardin

    Wet Polishers, Stone Routers & Melting Furnance

    Hardin is a leading brand offering a complete range of premium wet polishers, metal working tools, melting furnaces, micro torches, metal sanders and polishers and stone routers. With Hardin, tradesmen get all the toughness, power and durability they want to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks involving metal and stone work. Hardin products are designed to last so tradesmen get value for their money while achieving benchmark class performance every day of the week.

  • Hydro Handle

    Drill & Polishing Machines

    The ergonomically designed Hydro-Handle is a premium solution that delivers a controlled water stream to a variety of accessories turning your cordless drill into a powerful water feed drilling and polishing machine. With fantastic fatigue free design, versatility and toughness, Hydro Handle is meant to deliver performance that can't be achieved with any other competing product.

  • Interstate Pneumatics

    Pneumatic Tool Parts & Accessories

    Interstate Pneumatics, manufacturer of professional grade quality pneumatic air fittings and other pneumatic related products is dedicated to serve the industrial hardware stores, construction supply houses, automotive distributors, tool stores, tool repair stores, and various OEMs with quality products that offer value and performance.

  • Interstate Brass

    Brass Fittings, Manifolds, Couplers & Valves

    Interstate Brass is a division of American General Tool Group that manufactures and distributes premium quality brass valves, fittings, manifolds, connectors, plugs and couplers for a multitude of professional and industrial applications. Employing benchmark quality assurance protocols and manufacturing standards, Interstate Brass ensures optimum quality is achieved for tradesmen who put their trust in our brand.

  • Santa Barbara Chili Roaster

    Gas Rotating Roasting Drums

    Santa Barbara Chili Roasters manufactures industrial grade propane and natural gas rotating roasting drums for roasting a wide variety of food items including Chilies and corn. With many years of input from green chili addicts, the manufacturer has been able to make products for those who prefer higher quality equipment. Santa Barabara Chili Roasters will not only do the job, but last longer than the competition, are designed more like a kitchen appliance and are easier and more efficient to operate.

  • Specialty Diamond

    Blades & Tools

    With years of consumer centric technological advancement and manufacturing muscle behind, Specialty Diamond brings exceptional products to amateur and professional handymen who believe in nothing but quality and performance. If you're a price conscious professional, this is the place where you'll find affordable brilliance.

  • Superior Pads & Abrasives

    Sanding Pads & Abrasive Discs

    Superior Pads and Abrasives®, designs, manufactures and distributes an entire range of high quality pads and abrasives that are popular among all classes of consumers. The brand is dedicated in serving the industrial hardware stores, construction supply houses, tool stores and tool repair stores with quality products with great value proposition.

  • Superior Parts

    Pneumatic Nail / Staple Gun Parts & Accessories

    Superior Parts® manufactures and distributes a wide variety of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories that provide a great balance of quality and price. With years of experience, expertise and engineering prowess, Superior Parts is able to churn out a range of products that is equally entrusted upon by amateurs and professionals.

  • Superior Steel

    Hammer Chisels & Saw Blade Discs

    Superior Steel® is a stand out designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality yet reasonably priced steel products including saw blades, chain saw discs, chisel sets, planer blades, rotohammer steel, shear blades and a lot more. Superior Steel believes in uncompromising products and is dedicated to deliver that belief to its customers in the form of products they can trust.

  • Superior Electric

    Electric Tools Parts & Accessories

    Superior Electric®, designs, manufactures and distributes a premium range of professional electric replacement spare parts and aftermarket repair parts. The brand is dedicated in serving the industrial hardware stores, construction supply houses, automotive distributors, tool stores, tool repair stores, and various OEMs with quality products and value.

  • Versa Tool

    Oscillating Multitool Accessories

    Versa Tool manufactures and distributes a premium range of aftermarket oscillating multitool accessories including saw blades and sandpapers for major brands such as Fein, Dremel, Bosch, Ridgid, Craftsman, Ryobi, King Canada, Haussmann, Makita, Skil, Milwaukee and more. With these high quality aftermarket accessories, tradesmen can find the perfect mix of quality, performance and value while achieving optimum results.

  • Total Polishing Systems

    Polishing Sytems

    For contractors, diversifying into the concrete floor polishing and surface preparation could be the smartest move as we head into 2017. As demand by home owners and architects for polished concrete is growing, TPS has cured a fantastic range of premium quality floor polishing and surface preparation products and accessories that feature sturdy build and benchmark performance every professional contractor and tradesman can rely on. With TPS products in your reach, you don't have to settle for anything but the best.